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Waiting for their turn up at bat? The Millennials!

The part of my business that I’m working on growing is the wedding side.  Guess who’s getting married now, and will be for the bulk of the next 4 years?  You guessed it, the Millennials.  I have already started seeing a trend, which I think is indicative of what is coming down the pike.  Millennials aren’t interested in the parent’s way of doing things, their are mighty independents who want to be different, and more laid back than us old folks (read non-traditional).

Some people might find this disrespectful, I find it exciting!  It means I need to up my game, I need to stay in the know of what’s trending for weddings and special events, it means I get to try new stuff (I’m glad I have a 14 year old that keeps me in the know!)!  I have three weddings this year that are all mini desserts!  I love it!  I’m hoping as these guys step up and I get to meet more, they will see the beauty in avant garde cake designs (like the ones I have been so passionate about.)

So with that, here is a great article from Bake Magazine, of what’s to come:

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Waiting for their turn up at bat? The Millennials!

In the era of DYI, lots of people are using flowers from their gardens in their weddings, as opposed to buying from a florist.  If you do buy from a florist, the flowers that you want to put on or in your cake?  Please ask that they be pesticide free, and of the non-poisonous variety.

I made cupcakes and a cake for a wedding several years ago, and the buckets of flowers were from the couples aunt’s garden.  Stunning, and beautiful, and saved a lot of money.  But… there were flowers in the buckets that I knew of to be poisonous, as well as little tiny bugs all over most of them.  While this made several of the buckets unuseable, it made my job a lot harder, because I had to make sure every flower was bug free, for over 200 cupcakes!  It took me 1 1/2 hours to debug, sort and trim.   Your wedding baker, planner or anybody else for that matter is truly not responsible for this, unless you pay them to be.

I have warned about this before, but now I have compiled a list of very popular, poisonous flowers that are used in weddings and placed on wedding cakes.  As long as these beauties’ stems are encased in a water pick, or wrapped in plastic wrap before poking them into your cake, you should be fine:

Anthurium     Anthurium3

Calla Lily



Gloriosa Lily  220px-Gloriosa_rothschildiana_01



Lily of the Valley


Please keep you and your guests safe!

Have a beautiful and safe spring and summer wedding season!

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Waiting for their turn up at bat? The Millennials!

As you know, I always do my research as early as I can to bring you trends for the upcoming year, but flavor reports and dessert trends alway come out at the beginning of the year, so here is how Bella’s Desserts fit into the 2016 dessert trends:

  1. Mini Desserts:  These have been trending for a few years, but this year it is at the top of the list!  Bella’s Desserts has 31 mini’s to choose from, and a huge variety!  Everything is freshly made, nothing frozen, ever!
  2. Healthy Desserts:  What?  That’s an oxymoron!  Not at Bella’s Desserts, we offer dairy free, gluten free, and vegan cakes and cupcakes.  The only thing we don’t offer is sugar free, because that would involve artificial sweeteners, and we don’t play that game, pure food, period.
  3. Local Sourcing:  We source all of our fruits locally when possible.  We also try to purchase dairy items from local farms as well.
  4. Cake flavors are getting creative: With our palettes becoming more sophisticated, people want something more that just chocolate or vanilla.  Bella’s Desserts offer a wide variety of cake, filling and frosting flavors!  From Date/Cinnamon Buttercream, Matcha, Salted Caramel, Pistachio, cakes and frostings and fillings, crispy, crunchy, nutty and delicious dacquois, We are the only bakery in the area that offers such diverse flavors, not to mention, we gladly take special requests!
  5. Chocolaty Complexity: Ah chocolate, the sinful flavor!  How about adding salted caramel to your ganache?  Cinnamon for that Latin flavor, layers and layers of chocolate that all complement each other beautifully, oh my goodness, sigh.
  6. Ethnic Desserts:  With our French Dacquois, cannoli fillings, Italian cream cake, passion fruit and mango curds, you can get a taste from a different place right here in Chester County.



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Waiting for their turn up at bat? The Millennials!

Bella’s Desserts has supported same sex marriage, well, forever!  In our state of Pennsylvania, it is now possible, and we couldn’t be more thrilled!  We have done many commitment ceremonies over the years, and now doing weddings!

If you compare a traditional heterosexual wedding vs. a same sex wedding, you might not realize it, but there are a few etiquette differences; such as whose parent pays? (do the parents even pay anymore?)

Here’s a great article from Martha Stewart Weddings, that help to answer some of those questions:

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Waiting for their turn up at bat? The Millennials!

Here is our post on the 2016 flavor profiles match our menus!

  1. Spice – This profile is trending still.  Add a little heat to your chocolate fillings, or frostings with a hint of cayenne, steeped habanero (I love that flavor), or for that smoky bite, steeped chipotle pepper, which all match well with a hint of cinnamon!
  2. Asian Fusion:  This is my personal favorite and welcomed trend!  Steeped lemongrass buttercream adds a subtle herbaceous, citrus flavor, and pairs perfectly with our vanilla or pound cake.  Star Anise adds that subtly hint of anise flavor, chai spiced frostings and fillings, galangal, the subtle asian ginger without the heat, or the punch, delicious!
  3. Complex comfort flavors:  We have started adding browned butter to our cream cheese frostings, and our buttercreams.  It adds a nutty, rich, complex note, that elevates those nostalgic flavors.  Chocolate with a hint of coffee, brings out the depth of chocolate, without a caffeine rush!  Banana split anyone?  I love banana cake with cream cheese frosting, elevated with a cherry chocolate filling, and you have a banana split!

So I think we can see that with more sophisticated tastes, comes more delicious and adventurous dessert choices, so take the leap!

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Waiting for their turn up at bat? The Millennials!

One of the first things most couples think of when planning a wedding is everything they dream of, from the venue, the date, the dresses, the suits, the bridal party, the guest list.

So, once you have your dream list, take a step back, and decide on your budget, or as I like to call it, a do not exceed number.  Then find a venue that will be affordable enough to leave lots of room for all of the other things.  Once you find out the cost of the venue, and the caterer, this will tell you how many people you can afford to invite.

After finding out the date and how many guests are invited, I always ask for a do not exceed number for the cake (or cupcakes, or dessert table).  95% of my customers, didn’t even think of it, or thought of it too late, so now there isn’t much left.

I often get requests from clients with champagne dreams and a beer budget.  Just last week I had a bride contact me, and she said her budget for a cake was $500 for 150 people, and this cake was gorgeous, but if she ordered it from me, would have been $1,000.  My base price for a 150 serving cake is $750 (she didn’t have the chance to look at my menu).  Now you might be saying “$500?  That’s a lot!”  When you are dealing with a reputable bakery, chances are their cakes start at $4-$8 per serving, and the math is pretty easy.  Highly decorated cakes go up from that point.  So this is where you need to ask yourself “Can I afford to invite 150 people?”  This will go for your caterer as well.

An organized couple is going to have the best wedding, because they are not freaking out about the money, and they are getting most of what they wanted within their budget.

Here’s a great article by Martha Stewart Weddings, on how to get started:

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Waiting for their turn up at bat? The Millennials!

wedding favor chalkboard

I love this trend of edible wedding favors.  I don’t know about you, but when I’ve gotten candles, or other inedible favors, I and many others leave them behind!  What a shame, all the time, effort and money you put into those!

With edible favors, there will be nothing left behind because who doesn’t love delicious cookies?  Not to mention they completely customizeable!  From your favorite quote to your new monogram, it’s personal and delicious!

Find Bella’s Dessert’s offering on our Confections and Cookies Menu:

Here’s a great article about Cookie Wedding Favors from Martha!


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Waiting for their turn up at bat? The Millennials!

Ron Burg, a blogger for The American Wedding, just posted his “Most Anticipated Wedding Trends for 2016!

Follow this link to get the scoop on everything wedding this this year!


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Waiting for their turn up at bat? The Millennials!

Well, it’s November and here in Pennsylvania the leaves are falling, which means it’s time to say goodbye to the 2015 wedding season and start thinking about the 2016 spring/fall season!  With that comes new trends and ideas!  Yay, I love this part!

  • A return to the 50’s!  Think white wedding cakes with a modern twist.  From simple white cakes with fresh white flowers, to more geometric patterns and textures, white on white, with a big colored sugar flower, elegance is at an all time high!

3 tiered Sugar Magnolia

  • Florals are back!  Big bright floral arrangements and climbing floral vines, no shrinking violets need apply in 2016!


  • Cakes that are out of the box (this is my favorite new trend!).  Think watercolor paintings, vivid colored brush strokes, it’s all about hand painted cakes!

Neverland cake view 5 (1)

  • Naked cakes are coming out full force!  This quiet trend is hitting it’s stride in the rustic wedding arena, and we can see why!  Simple looking but the beauty is in the details!

fruity naked cake  naked wedding cake

  • Ombre subtle or not is in!

peach ombre (2)

  • Buttercream cakes, textured or smooth are in style in 2016!

Horizontal Floral wedding cake close up

  • Metallics are all the rage!  From painted on gold, to real gold and silver leaf, this is going to be a bright year!

tiered chocolate and gold

  • Sugar flower studded cakes are back, and more affordable than ever:

jasper wedgwood wedding cake

  • Wedding cake trio and quintet dessert tables are an exciting addition this year!

Rustic Wedding

  • Delicate lace appliques, monograms, ruffled, geometric, illustrated and rosette wedding cakes are in in 2016!
  • Skip the huge cake and opt for a delicious dessert table instead!  Bella’s Desserts offers a large selection of mini desserts perfect for your dessert table.  Order a small cake to cut, and you’re on your way!

IMG_1501  slide 5  Triplet Cakes  Sierra Exif JPEG  caramel-wrapped-pretzel-rods

All in all?  A very exciting year ahead full of new ideas, and old ones, but couples are no longer stuck in the white wedding cake box!

All photos of cakes and desserts shown, by Bella’s Desserts.

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Waiting for their turn up at bat? The Millennials!

So many of you have had my delicious chocolate sour cream cake.  I’ve decided to share the recipe, as I am phasing this out.  Enjoy!

Chocolate Sour Cream Cake

Makes 2 layer 8” cake




6 oz.

3 c

2 1/4 c

1 1/8 tsp.

3/4 tsp.

1 1/2 c

3/4 c

¾ c

3 large



Unsweetened chocolate, melted – Belgian


Sifted flour

Baking soda



Sour cream at room temp.


Eggs, lightly beaten at room temp.




  1. Heat oven to 345.
  2. Sift the dry ingredients together into a mixer bowl
  3. In a separate bowl, blend coffee, sour cream and oil with a whisk.
  4. With mixer on low, add the coffee mixture in a stream over dry ingredients and mix until blended.
  5. Add the eggs one at a time.
  6. Add the melted chocolate and mix 15 seconds more
  7. Divide evenly and bake 35-48 minutes.
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