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Most orders require a one week notice 

One 9″ tart serves 8

Linzer Tart - $23.
Shoofly Pie - $15.
Caramel Walnut Tart – $21.
Double Crust Apple Pie – $15.
Lime or Lemon Curd Tart- $18.
Salted Caramel Apple Pie - $30.
Peanut Butter Chiffon Pie - $17.
Seasonal Fruit Pies(Depends what’s in season!) – $17.50
Normandy Tart(Sliced apples baked in a French style custard) – $14.
Bakewell Tart (Raspberry jam covered with almond frangipane) – $24.
Apple Crisp Pie (Traditional apple pie with an oat crisp topping) – $20.50
Cranberry Linzer Tart (Cranberries and orange in a buttery hazelnut crust) – $33.
Fresh Fruit Tart (Loads of seasonal fruit piled on top of vanilla pastry cream) – $28.
Cranberry Apple Harvest Pie (Cranberries and apples topped with a golden caramel sauce) – $30.
Chocolate Caramel Tart  (gooey caramel in a chocolate crust covered in chocolate ganache)- $23.
Fruit and Almond Tart, you pick the fruit! (Your choice of fruit or berries baked in frangipane) – $21.
Grand Mere Tart(Apples and pears cooked with cream and walnuts nestled in a buttery tart shell) – $23.
French Walnut Tart (Walnuts and creme fraiche with a touch of cinnamon, baked together in a delicious buttery tart shell) – $26.

NEW!  Wheat Free Pies and Tarts! – Please add $7.50 to the total price.

Free delivery within 10 miles of Bella’s for orders over $100!
Delivery fees apply for all other deliveries.
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