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Here you will find my live Periscope videos.   #Periscope is a live streaming service, where the author interacts by reading messages.  Enjoy!

Beginner bakers! today is a day filled with frostings and fillings! first up, Real Swiss Meringue Buttercream  

Swiss Meringue buttercream Part 2 and American Buttercream

Come and learn ganache, peanut butter frosting, and lemon simple syrup!

YUM! Salted caramel from scratch! (don’t be scared)

Quick Salted caramel follow up

Doing the horizontal Mambo on a cake, texture that is!

It’s time to get naked! Naked cake that is!

Naked cake take 2

Decorating techniques on cookies 

Flourless Chocolate Cake

Sponge Cake Technique and results

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