2015 Wedding Cake Trends

When thinking about your 2015 wedding cake, go way back to basics and revisit classic cake designs. These are always tasteful and never out of style. But by all means, do not confuse traditional with old fashioned.20141115_151910

Pure white cake not your cup of tea? Go for a subtle cream or ivory. Bella’s Swiss Meringue buttercream is naturally ivory in color.  White doesn’t have to be boring either, so if you have your mind set on a white cake with white details, do feel free to add some green foliage or flowers in a bolder color to break it up a bit. basic wedding cakeAnother wedding cake trend in 2015 will be to skip the elaborate dessert and sweet table and serve cake as your dessert. Do make sure you order enough for every single guest though!  Bella’s wedding cakes are $6.00 per serving.

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