2017/2018 Wedding Cake Trends Are Here!

Every year I am so excited to start digging in and researching the coming years’ wedding cake trends!  I collect information from spring fashion shows and of course Pantones’ color palettes for the upcoming year (everyone from fashion to graphics designers anxiously wait for these every year to base their collections on).

In the past, Pantone has usually released a “color of the year”.  Last year there were two colors, and this year there is a whole palette of colors!


Bella’s Desserts in the process of creating an entire collection using some of the colors above, of wedding cakes for 2017 (more to come!).

Our observations on cake trends for 2017 are:

Drip Cakes

Cake by Crumbs Couture

OK, favorite style alert!  Drip style cakes are a down under invention.  What started for me as a fun celebration cake style, has turned into a trend for 2017 wedding cakes!  From fun, colorful and whimsical, to a single color, texture explosion (you all know how much I love texture!), this trend is taking America by storm!  Usually a ganache drip, with many different accoutrements such as meringues, chocolate whimsys, macarons, candy, sugar flowers and more!


Cake by My Sweet & Saucy

Here is a gorgeous example of metallic and geodes all in one cake!  Metallics are still on trend for 2017, and I love the look of a splash of metallic!  You can make any color shimmery and shiny, and of course the geode trend is HOT in 2017!  From a small sugar geode as seen as the topper on this cake, to a full blown top to bottom geode, nature is in!

Naked/Semi Naked

What is the difference you ask?  The picture above shows a naked cake, where the edges of the cake are completely exposed.  A semi-naked cake has a whisper of frosting on the outside, but you can still see the edges through it.  You can garnish with fresh fruit or greenery!



This popular trend is still HOT in 2017!  Mix and match textures, with color or without this is a beautiful trend!

White on White

This trend which harkens back to the 50’s is still hot in 2017!  Elegant and sophisticated.

Painted Cakes

Cake by Cocoa Lane Sweeterie

Beautiful hand painted cake are still in!  From a detailed painting or just a wash of water color, this is definitely a trend that is here to stay.

Dessert Bars

We love dessert bars, and have dozens of choices!  Add a sweet little cutting cake, and everyone is happy!  From mini desserts, to donut bars, ice cream trucks, and S’mores stations, anything goes!  This is a great idea for weddings that turn into all night dance parties, gotta keep feeding your guests, am I right?


Each year gets more exciting for the cake designer and the bride.  Gone are the days of having one type of wedding cake!  You can have almost any style, or why not 3 cakes?

Happy planning!

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