A Frightenly Cute Birthday Celebration

By Tami Matthews, Denver, CO resident and mom

My daughter Millie has a birthday right around Halloween. Although she loves Halloween, she’s 10 — so she’s less inclined to love spooky. Sweet bats, cute kitties, and friendly witches are more her speed. I mean, Hocus Pocus was scary for her.

What’s also challenging about my kiddo’s birthday is that she — like so many these days — has a big class. And yet, she still wants to celebrate her birthday at school. (Hey, who can blame her?!)

Halloween cookies for a birthday celebration in Denver, CO

Luckily, I saw someone posting beautiful cookies. I mean lovely. Really gorgeous. Creative. Delicious-looking. Fun. Thinking I couldn’t afford those cookies, I put off asking her if she 1) could make cookies for me and 2) send them to Denver. 

When I did, Lauren of Bella’s Desserts was so gracious and kind. Not only did she gleefully accept, she sent me ideas. I didn’t just have an experienced baker, ready to make birthday goodies; I had a partner in my daughter’s birthday celebration. In fact, I think she was more involved than my husband, Millie’s dad!

The price was reasonable, especially to be shipped, which amazed me. In fact, overall, it was less expensive to use Bella’s Desserts than buy cookies at a bakery near me.    

Halloween cookies for a school in Denver, CO

More than that, the cookies were better looking than any bakery could create in Denver. They were lovely. Smiling chubby ghosts, kitties with witch hats, friendly bats, and more were included. Lauren sent exactly when she said she would, and she included more cookies than I requested to make sure my husband and I had a chance to eat them. Not a single one was broken either!  

Bellas Desserts make birthday celebrations special and even magical

My mother-in-law and I took them to school to hand out at recess. (Teachers have gotten smarter, thinking the kids can get their wiggles out and have a little sugar.) More than Millie’s class lined up. Teachers gushed and looked longingly at them. Millie’s classmates even tried coming back for more!

Bella’s Desserts didn’t just deliver beautiful, delicious cookies; Lauren delivered a special, custom-made birthday celebration.  


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