Bella’s Guarantee

When I started my business in 2002, I think butter was $1.49 a pound. This was after researching all of the major grocery chains, including the box stores in my area. Now, the absolute cheapest butter I can find at a regular store is $3.79 a pound. Too expensive! Land O’ Lakes is $5.49!!!

So I paid $40 to join a box store, so I can purchase butter at $3.25 a pound. And butter is just the beginning. Since I am a scratch baker, I pay a lot for nuts and fresh fruit. I shop around, believe me, but the world is what it is. Chemicals are cheaper! That’s why you can buy a pumpkin pie at Wal Mart for $3.99! Mine? $13.00. What do you get? A real butter, flaky pie crust, and an ingredient list of less than 10 items.

All that being said, my bottom line has gotten hit hard, and my Cake Menu and Pies & Tarts Menu has had to reflect this new world order, where fresh is ridiculously expensive. I frequently revisit my pricing, but I’m not sure that butter will go down, or you can get a pound of great, fresh baking apples for .50 a pound, or hazelnuts ($9 a lb!), for $5 a pound, but if I can find it, I will buy it, and lower my prices, that is my guarantee!

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