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The best cookies — most creative, most delicious — in the U.S. are made in the Philadelphia area. At Bella’s Desserts, Lauren Cortesi bakes some of the most innovative, tastiest creations. It’s why so many people in Philadelphia recommend her! (Don’t believe them? Check out the Yelp and Google reviews.)

Bella’s Desserts doesn’t just bake … cookies are painted. Many of the designs are brushed on, with a paint brush, making them look like works of art. The designs are even fun, including Pop Art cookies and trees with tiny birds on them. There are many flavors to choose from including chocolate covered Oreos as well as scrumptious macaroons.

What an awesome gift to give to a special someone!

Best of all, when you contact Bella’s Desserts to get ideas, you have a partner for your party. You’ll get cookie and dessert ideas that are perfect for your gathering … as well as your budget.

Why Cookies?

You may question whether cookies really are perfect, but they have a lot of features that make them not just delicious, but a smart choice.

Cookies are versatile, small, and less expensive than cakes. They come in just about every shape and size. Most of them are biteized. Cookies come in a bunch of different colors and can be tailored to your specific event.

Cookies travel well. They’re easy to transport in the car without fear of being squished! And they can even be shipped all over the country without breaking; Bella’s Desserts wraps them individually to keep them safe!

Cookies supplement parties. You can have them in addition to cakes, adding to your dessert table. Guests can take them home — a reminder of your special event.

Everyone likes cookies! As you talk to people — some folks like icing, others enjoy just the cake. But cookies … everyone has a favorite. Some love chocolate chip, others prefer macaroons.

Cookies adapt to your occassion – every holiday and every special event.


Cookies are also perfect for birthday parties. They’re easy to transport to school or the office. They’ve also perfect for your child’s birthday party favors. Cookies fill up a goody bag quite nicely and help people remember your kiddo’s special day! They’re a fun, unique way to enjoy a birthday long after the delicious cake is gone.

Rose cookies are good for bridal or baby showers, as well as any special occasion.

Bridal Showers

If your friend is getting married, and you’d like her — or the couple — to remember how much you care, you can get cookies for the bridal shower. Not only does Bella’s Desserts have a variety of colors that match your friend’s wedding, but there are options like pretzel rods dipped in chocolate as well as sugar-button cookies.

Cookies that are edible favors are a great parting gift for your wedding guests, and we ship!

Baby Showers

For your baby shower, you have choices that could be used as part of the theme for your party, including for the reveal parties. Blue or pink cookies, baby bottles, babies, storks, and more can be used and enjoyed. Again, it’s a special way to bring everyone involved with the baby — friends and relatives — into the fun.  

Chocolate covered Oreo cookies are a gorgeous and delicious gift! Custom decorated and we ship!


You’ve spent so much time on every detail of your wedding. Why not put some finishing touches on it that stand out, too? Cookies can be giveaways at the rehearsal dinner — thanking people for coming. Most couples use cookies as edible party favors for wedding guests. It’s a way to remember the amazing event you had. You can even coordinate it with your wedding cake.

edible favor cookies for a wedding

Easter and Passover

Having relatives over and trying to impress? These Spring-themed cookies are just as satisfying as the season.

Cookies can be tailored to meet your Easter needs — bunnies, eggs, and baskets. (It’s a nice break from chocolate!) You can also send them to younger relatives, such as grandchildren, who need a treat. It’s a great reminder that you’re thinking about them — even when you can’t be there.

Cookies can add to your Passover Seder feast. They can be traditional — a sweet finish to a savory meal of matzo ball soup, brisket, and roast chicken. Or they can be as unique and fun as your family.

Delicious and beautiful cookies hand painted topped with a sugar flower, a lovely spring or Easter gift and we ship!

4th of July and Summer

Don’t overlook summer!

The 4th of July is important to everyone in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania — the birthplace of America. (Well, we think so!) And cookies can add a bang to that July 4th celebration. The cookies won’t melt and can show neighbors and friends just how patriotic you are.

If you’re like our block, you’re hosting or attending end-of-summer parties where everyone comes to get in the last summer fun before school starts again. BBQs are grilling. Squirt guns are firing. Pools are splashing! Cookies are even good while wet.

blue cookie


Halloween cookies and treats are fantastic for school and block parties. They’re nut-free even. It doesn’t matter what you need — silly bats, friendly witches, smiling ghosts, goofy pumpkins, etc. — Bella’s Desserts can deliver. You can even get Nightmare Before Christmas cookies with a grinning Jack Skellington. (Yes, perfect for the Tim Burton fan.)

Halloween cookies for a school in Denver, CO


If you’re traveling, why not have your cookies sent ahead for you? Bella’s Desserts ships across the country — even over the river and through the woods. Available in splendid fall colors and shapes (leaves, turkeys, and more), these cookies are a nice addition to any dessert spread. Because they’re coming from Bella’s Desserts, even your picky-eaters (children or relatives) will be happy. Taking a break from your in-laws pie wouldn’t hurt either. Cookies can be just as elegant, or casual, as your gathering.

Custom decorated chocolate covered Oreos are the perfect gift and we ship
Chocolate covered Oreo cookies are a gorgeous and delicious gift! Custom decorated.

Hanukkah and Christmas

Of course, there’s no time like Hanukkah and Christmas to tell your family and friends you care about them. Bella’s Desserts has the best assortment of cookies, too — snowmen, Santas, reindeer, wreaths, Christmas trees, stockings, golden ornaments, chirping cardinals, and dazzling Star of Davids.

christmas cookies in Philadelphia

Cookies Can Rock Your Party

You may not think of cookies for your celebrations, but cookies are small and easy to transport. They can be shipped. Cookies can even be delicate and fancy or daring and different! Cookies come in a variety of shapes and sizes, colors, and even tastes.

So for your special occasion, even if cakes are on the menu, consider the best cookies U.S., made in the Philadelphia area. Bella’s Desserts!

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