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  • “Have you seen the price of groceries lately?”

    Wow, talk about sticker shock! Between the price of gas ($2.00 more per gallon from a year ago here), to the cost of sugar, butter and eggs, no wonder everything is so expensive these days! Covid has sent a shock through the national and international system, especially in the supply chain, and all businesses are […]

  • New Article!

    April 13, 2021 Meet the Maker: Lauren Cortesi of Bella’s Desserts Meet Lauren Cortesi, an interior architect turned pastry and baking expert. Her culinary background led her to start her own independent food business, but her daughter’s food allergies drove her to focus on making allergen-friendly (as well as regular) desserts.  What did you do […]

  • Covid-19 And Your Wedding

    As a baker for weddings and all other special events, I have questions. Lots of questions regarding Coronavirus/Covid 19 and large gatherings. What to do? Well Bella’s Desserts is open. We will deliver, you can pick up, whatever you would like. If you postpone, let us know, and your retainer is safe and can be […]

  • Cottage Food Industry: What It Takes To Be a Home Based Baker – A Podcast

    I was super excited to be asked by David Crabill of, to be a guest on his newly launched podcast. David and Forrager has been my touchstone for the Cottage Food Industry since I started becoming interested in the business side of things. And I was one of his first subscribers! Grab a cuppa […]

  • Wedding Cake Trends for 2020!

    2020’s color of the year is… Lovely! From watercolored, to piped, to fresh flowers, this lovely trend will continue every year with different twists! So let’s get to the trends, this year is looking to be totally my style! Subtle, yet elegant, Modern yet simple! Florals Large Sugar Flowers Over the top, loud and large […]

  • Novelty Cakes and Birthday Ideas in Philadelphia Area

    Custom cakes — or novelty cakes — can be as unique as you. These days with fondant — that sugary, stretchy material on cakes — cakes can be a lot more innovative. Just about any shape you can dream up, from a volcano to a dinosaur, can be done. Here are a few ideas for […]

  • Best Cookies and Ideas – They’re in Philadelphia

    The best cookies — most creative, most delicious — in the U.S. are made in the Philadelphia area. At Bella’s Desserts, Lauren Cortesi bakes some of the most innovative, tastiest creations. It’s why so many people in Philadelphia recommend her! (Don’t believe them? Check out the Yelp and Google reviews.) Bella’s Desserts doesn’t just bake […]

  • The Best Weddings Are Meaningful

    The Best Weddings Are Meaningful

    I’m not very traditional when it comes to weddings. My favorite weddings to go to are those meaningful to the couple themselves. I love the ones that are unique. When the couple is having fun, I’m having fun. When the couple has their favorite wedding cake and pizza, it’s a blast. With music. Without music. […]

  • Wedding Dates to Avoid in 2019/2020

    I love this!  Great info for people planning their weddings, or getting engaged over the holidays. 1. Weekends with a Monday holidayWhile you may be able to score a discounted rate from the venue to have your wedding on a Sunday night, since most people have the Monday holiday off, you’ll find that flights and […]

  • Edible Wedding Favors – All the rage!

    With edible favors, there will be nothing left behind because who doesn’t love delicious cookies?  Not to mention they are completely customizable!  From your favorite quote to your new monogram, it’s personal and delicious! I love this trend of edible wedding favors.  I don’t know about you, but when I’ve gotten candles, or other inedible […]