Covid-19 And Your Wedding

As a baker for weddings and all other special events, I have questions. Lots of questions regarding Coronavirus/Covid 19 and large gatherings. What to do?

Well Bella’s Desserts is open. We will deliver, you can pick up, whatever you would like. If you postpone, let us know, and your retainer is safe and can be used for when you reschedule.

In the meantime, the Washington Post had the forethought to publish this great article: Have a wedding coming up? Here’s how to keep coronavirus from ruining the big day.

On March 15th, the CDC said Americans should cancel or postpone events involving 50 or more people for the next eight weeks throughout the United States, including weddings.

As the novel coronavirus officially hit global pandemic status on Wednesday, Connolly and her fiance, Jon, are among the countless brides and grooms in the United States who are figuring out how to adapt the celebration of a major life event — often a carefully planned, emotional and costly affair — as the virus outbreak has started to significantly disrupt daily life.

“Everything is staying the same, except I bought two giant bottles of hand sanitizer for the wedding,” Connolly said. She has already heard from older relatives in the Seattle area who will have to cancel and said there’s a plan to keep people at a safe distance from her grandfather.

Keep it local

So far clients are not canceling weddings, but guests lists are shortening — especially if guests need to hop on a plane to attend. If there’s not a lot of travel involved, the couples will see little to no impact, except your guests lists need to get a lot smaller.

Ask a lot of questions

Make a list of questions for a wedding venue, a transportation provider, caterer, the hotel staff or any vendor with whom a couple plans to work. For couples getting married in a space widely visited by the general public, like a park district building, public library, museum or popular event space, ask what their cancellation plans look like. And read the contract carefully. For those getting married in busy places of worship, ask about the cleaning procedures.

Should we cancel or postpone?

Depending on how those vendor contracts are written, couples could be on the hook to pay for everything if they try to change a wedding’s date. Bella’s Desserts will honor your retainer for when you reschedule. If you are downsizing, the retainer will be used towards your revised order, but we cannot offer refunds.

Whenever wedding planning stress boils over, Bree Ryback, a day-of wedding coordinator, reminds couples that they can always go to courthouse and get married. A wedding reception is “a party; you can move parties,”

Find alternatives

Weddings are by definition all about bringing people together, which becomes tricky during a period of social distancing. Cordogan suggested using technology to help include those who can’t attend in person. “We’ve had the best man read the father’s toast, and had the toast live-streamed,” Cordogan said of past clients. Virtual guest books and prerecorded speeches can help, too.

When it comes to food and drinks, she advised skipping communal and self-service options like buffets, though the recommended alternatives of individually plated options are more expensive.

“I love a coffee station, but if someone coughs and the creamer is sitting right there, yikes,” Cordogan said. “I would have service of all food and beverage items.”

And please — no chocolate-dipping fountains.

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