Edible Wedding Favors

by, Susan Hawkins

There’s really only one way to guarantee that your guests will find favor with your favors and that, friends, is to treat them to edible wedding favors. I was at a lovely destination wedding recently (lovelybecause it offered me the opportunity to exchange brutally cold weather for a few warm, sunny days by the sea), and, after the event was over, I noticed none of the favors remained on the tables. Not surprising.

As a wedding writer, it’s in my job description to pay attention to things like that, and when it comes to guests delighting in favors, I’ve determined that edible favors have the greatest success rate—some don’t even make it out of the reception hall and a few are even devoured before the main course arrives.

Though practical favors are often a big hit with guests, it’s clear the way to reach each guest’s heart is through the stomach. That said, let’s go beyond the usual favor boxes, cookies and candy to take a look at more imaginative edible favors!

Bella’s Edible Favor Cookie

You can “spread the love” with favor-sized, personalized jars of gourmet strawberry jam. Guests will be enjoying their morning toast while remembering your fabulous event. Also yummy on toast or in tea is the golden sweetness of gourmet clover honey in personalized jars that remind them you were “meant to bee.” But for pancakes and waffles, I’m thinking personalized bottles of luscious praline maple syrup. (And now, you’re thinking about it, too, right?)
Gourmet coffees and teas in personalized packets have a flavor and appeal all their own! According to the National Coffee Association, 80% of Americans drink coffee, and tea has so many physical benefits, it’s actually considered a health drink.

Most coffee and tea favors, like strawberry jam and honey, will find their way to the next day’s breakfast table, along with fond memories of your event. Some coffee wedding favors come with a small, stainless steel heart-shaped scoop and the meaningful phrase “The Perfect Blend” just above your names and wedding date on the label.

There are some artfully presented, delicious drink mixes on the market as well. The gift box that holds the drink mix can be personalized, too, and you can choose from lemonade, raspberry iced tea, margaritas and cosmopolitans.

Bella’s Edible Escort Card

Guests at your destination wedding, your beach wedding, spring or summer wedding or backyard barbecue rehearsal dinner would love to have something refreshing and thirst-quenching to take home and enjoy after celebrating with you!

Brownie PopIf you really want to wow your guests with an edible favor, consider an
exquisitely decorated, chocolate-covered brownie pop. Just looking at
the photos of these beauties makes my mouth water!

In most cases you can choose from milk chocolate, dark chocolate or
white chocolate-dipped brownies, and the available designs are works of

No guests are going to leave this favor on the table when they
leave, and if someone does, you can be sure there will be a guest or
two ready to snap it up and delight in having two fabulous favors to
enjoy!                                                                                                      Cake Pops

And I freely admit, I would be one of the delighted guests grabbing for one of those rare, unclaimed favors!


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