Custom Cake FAQ’s

What can I expect to pay for a tiered cake?

Our tiered cakes start at $4.00 per serving for rounds, $5.00 for square.
Additional expenses may be incurred if you would like to order
intricate detailed sugar items, or if we need to purchase any
additional pieces for your cake.

How far in advance do I need to order a cake?

We limit the number of cakes we take in a weekend to three, so the
earlier you reserve your date with us the better. Typically,
busier months (May through October) book one month or more in
advance, but be sure to check our availability calendar first.
For other times of the year, a one week notice will usually suffice.
If you have your heart set on a cake from Bella’s Desserts, book it
as early as possible no matter what time of year. We turn away more
cakes than we produce each year, so don’t risk it, give us a call as
soon as you know the date of your event!

Do you bake allergen free cakes?

We bake delicious dairy free, egg free, nut free, soy free. vegan or wheat free cakes.
We do everything we possibly can to prevent cross contamination, however,
we do not have a dedicated kitchen, and there is no guarantee that you or
your guest will not have a reaction. If you or your guest has a severe allergy,
in that you cannot be in the vicinity of the allergen, we suggest you find a
dedicated bakery for your needs.

May I taste your cakes before reserving the date with you?

Absolutely!  Our tastings are $25, and include a trio of cakes to sample.
When you come for your consultation, we will present you with 3
of our cake flavors;vanilla, chocolate and bakers choice, in
cupcake form and buttercreams/fillings to sample. We request that
no more than 2 other people come with you for consultations, as
we have found, the more people involved,the less cake work gets done!
Your tasting payment is due before your appointment, and is
non-refundable if tasting is canceled, but can be put towards one
rescheduled appointment if appointment is canceled at least 48 hours
prior to our meeting. The tasting fee is put towards your order,
should you decide to contract us to provide your cake.

How long are consultations, and must I bring anything with me?

Cake consultations generally run 30 minutes..  We ask that you arrive on time
to ensure that you are allotted your full time.  Before you arrive,
we ask that you have a budget for what you would like to spend on
your cake.  This will give us a better sense of what we can do for you.
We recommend you bring with you any ideas you may have for your cake,
as any design direction, no matter how limited, is most helpful in
giving us an idea of your cake!   If you should need to reschedule, or
cancel, we ask that you contact us no later than 48 hours in advance,
due to us having to prepare your tasting the day of.

Do I have to make a deposit to reserve my date?
If so, how much is it and can I get a refund, if necessary?

Yes, you will need to pay a 50% retainer to reserve your date.
Without the retainer, we will not hold your date.  Priority will be given
to the paying customer.  We ask that you be absolutely certain that you
would like to work with us, as all retainers are non-refundable.  We accept
cash, debit, Mastercard, Visa and Discover. The full balance must
be paid no later than 1 month prior to your event, and is non-refundable
within the month before your event.  If your balance is not paid within that
time frame, the cake may be cancelled.

Do you deliver your cakes?

We can deliver cakes throughout Southeast Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey,
Northern Delaware, and Northern Maryland for a fee. $50.00 within 10 miles,
call for other locations.

Do you ship cakes?

Sorry, we do not ship cakes, but we do ship wedding favor cookies, as well as some
of our other desserts.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes we do!