Fresh flowers and wedding cakes: A short list of poisonous flowers

In the era of DYI, lots of people are using flowers from their gardens in their weddings, as opposed to buying from a florist.  If you do buy from a florist, the flowers that you want to put on or in your cake?  Please ask that they be pesticide free, and of the non-poisonous variety.

I made cupcakes and a cake for a wedding several years ago, and the buckets of flowers were from the couples aunt’s garden.  Stunning, and beautiful, and saved a lot of money.  But… there were flowers in the buckets that I knew of to be poisonous, as well as little tiny bugs all over most of them.  While this made several of the buckets unuseable, it made my job a lot harder, because I had to make sure every flower was bug free, for over 200 cupcakes!  It took me 1 1/2 hours to debug, sort and trim.   Your wedding baker, planner or anybody else for that matter is truly not responsible for this, unless you pay them to be.

I have warned about this before, but now I have compiled a list of very popular, poisonous flowers that are used in weddings and placed on wedding cakes.  As long as these beauties’ stems are encased in a water pick, or wrapped in plastic wrap before poking them into your cake, you should be fine:

Anthurium     Anthurium3

Calla Lily



Gloriosa Lily  220px-Gloriosa_rothschildiana_01



Lily of the Valley


Please keep you and your guests safe!

Have a beautiful and safe spring and summer wedding season!

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