Bella’s Desserts makes all types of cookies for just about every occasion you can imagine. Decorated cookie orders take at least two weeks minimum.
Most items require a one week notice.

Custom Decorated Cookies - Bella's Desserts of Philadelphia      

Here’s a sweet deal. We bake custom cookies for PA and we ship cookies all over the U.S.


Oh, do we make cookies! We have lots of options when it comes to these delicious goodies. Please specify vanilla or almond frosting; standard is almond-flavored.

Gluten free and cookies are available!

Two weeks notice is required. 3″ – 4″ cookies fit into a windowed gift box. (We’ll work with you on types and designs!)

Small personalized gift box sets (8 – 10 cookies): $60

Medium personalized gift box sets (10 – 15 cookies): $80

Large personalized cookie sets (15 – 20 cookies): $125

Extra large personalized cookie sets (20 – 25 cookies): $150

Level 1 Custom Cookies

$5 each. Each cookie is 3 1/2″ – 4″. Each cookie is also individually wrapped.

 Chandelier Cookies - Custom Cookies Philadelphia  wedding favor monogram - Custom Cookies Philadelphia  Cookie Lolipops - Custom Cookies Philadelphia  Valentines Day Cookies - Custom Cookies Philadelphia  Heart Cookies - Custom Cookies Philadelphia  Tree Birds - Custom Cookies Philadelphia  

We also have minis available at $15 per dozen.   

candy heart minis - Custom Cookies Philadelphia  love minis - - Custom Cookies Philadelphia

Level 2 Custom Cookies

$7 each. Each cookie is 3 1/2″ – 4″. Each cookie is individually wrapped.

Lips - Custom Cookies Philadelphia  Christmas Cookies - Custom Cookies Philadelphia   birch and moss mongram cookie - Custom Cookies Philadelphia  Floor board monogram cookie - Custom Cookies Philadelphia    

Wedding Favor Surprise Cookies

Wedding Favor Surprise Cookies!

Delish cookies decorated and filled with sugar confetti! Such a fun favor! Cookies come individually wrapped and are $10.00 each.

Sugar Button Edible Favors

Cookies barely bigger than the size of a quarter! Individual bags of 6 tied with a bow (tags not included), just $5 each. These mini treats are perfect as edible favors for a wedding, bridal shower, or baby shower. They’re even perfect for your catered event.

Sugar cookies the size of a quarter are delicious and make the perfect stocking stuffer and we ship!
Sugar cookies the size of a quarter are delicious and make the perfect stocking stuffer!

We make your party memorable, whether it’s in Philadelphia, Seattle, or Miami.

Trust us to be a partner in your special occasion.

Meringue Kisses

Deliciously light and sweet, flavored with vanilla, lemon or almond, the gluten free kisses are a perfect party favor! By the bag or the bushel, can be colored or not. 1″ kisses, bags of 50 (min. order 6 bags) $15 each

Chocolate Covered Oreos

Your choice of oreo flavor, covered in Belgian chocolate. Custom decorated for your event!  Start at $3 each for plain or pay $3.50 each for embellished.  Can be packaged in a gift box with a gift tag for an additional $5.00 per 6.

Chocolate covered oreos - Bella's Desserts Philadelphia  Oreo Box - Chocolate covered oreos - Bella's Desserts Philadelphia  


Bella’s Desserts makes two kinds:
Salted Chocolate Caramel – $12 per dozen
Peppermint Caramels – $12 per dozen

Chocolate and Caramel Dipped Pretzels

Salty. Sweet. To die for. Pretzel rods wrapped in caramel and dipped in Belgian chocolate. Custom decorated for your event! Start at $4 each.

Don’t want caramel? No problem. That’s only $2 each.

Chocolate and Caramel covered pretzel sticks, a perfect hostess gift and we ship!
Chocolate and Caramel Dipped