More 2015 wedding cake design and flavor trends

Textures, especially ruffled, textured and tulle looks, will be very important for cakes in 2015. Lace patterns, pleats, and textured buttercream frosting also remain strong trends for brides going for a vintage or soft, romantic feel. For a modern wedding, the texture might be a three-dimensional lattice, herringbone or other geometric pattern. Another tactile approach is to have your designer roll out black fondant and hand-paint it to look like a chalkboard.    peach ombre (2)


Triplet Cakes


Special flavors. Couples are choosing cake flavors that are rooted in their hometowns or family heritage, where they began dating or a favorite destination. Lemon, pumpkin, spiced chocolate, coconut, and Italian Rum are just a few that Bella’s Desserts offers. Elsewhere across the country, we’re hearing about blueberry, chai tea latté, aztec hot chocolate, caramel apple cider and more. We will work with you to find your perfect flavors!

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