Novelty Cakes and Birthday Ideas in Philadelphia Area

Custom cakes — or novelty cakes — can be as unique as you. These days with fondant — that sugary, stretchy material on cakes — cakes can be a lot more innovative. Just about any shape you can dream up, from a volcano to a dinosaur, can be done.

Here are a few ideas for a birthday that’s uniquely you. There are also some ideas that are just for those who love Philly.

1. Movies

Everyone has a favorite movie. These favorite movies or popular movies often make great ideas for cakes and your party! From a boulder next to a Mayan temple to an ark next to an Egyptian pyramid (a la Indiana Jones), or a Hobbit house in a shire (like in Lord of the Rings), to a Captain America shield (for the Avengers), you’ll be able to enjoy a delicious cake that is so you!

If you do choose a favorite movie for your novelty cake, you can also choose invitations, party favors, and more that have your special flair. Not only can you make your own invitations using programs like LucidPress or Canva, you can also use e-invites. And party favors can have that same special flair. For example, wouldn’t it be cool to have party favors for your guests of the Death Star if you love Star Wars?

And as a finishing touch, you can even show this favorite movie at your party — sharing it with your friends. You’d be surprised how fun having a giant worm for a cake is while you watch Tremors. (Hey, that’s some people’s favorite movie!)

2. Books

Here’s a novel idea (snare, cymbal) — leverage a favorite book! For kids, they may love Dr. Seuss or Harry Potter. (Some adults love these, too!) The sorting hat or a wizarding book could put a spell on children. So could Horton, the Cat in the Hat, or Sam I Am.

But adults shouldn’t rule out favorite books, either. A Jane Austen book (Oh, Mr. Darcy!) could make a fine cake. Or you could show your love of H.P. Lovecraft; a flying spaghetti monster may be just what your party needs!

Invitations or party favors can be books. Maybe as part of the party, you have a book club where everyone discusses your favorite book or includes trivia with prizes. Not everyone can remember the name of the Vogon commander from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Besides, kids will love guessing the meaning of idioms that Amelia Bedelia can’t quite get right.  

birthday cake - star trek wrath of khan
Star Trek Wrath of Khan cake! Defying gravity this cake made everyone gasp!

3. Television show

If you like Dr. Who or American Idol, share it with your friends. The TARDIS would make a fantastic cake — it’s probably bigger on the inside. And who wouldn’t want to eat a sweet microphone?

Again, the theme can be incorporated into your party from invitations to party favors and beyond. Maybe, for example, if you love Game of Thrones, you encourage your guests to come dressed as their favorite character, with awards given.

Baby shower cakes to fit your special themes all in the Philadelphia area

4. Sports and sports teams

Go Eagles, Phillies, 76ers, Flyers, or whomever your favorite sports team is. As long as it’s rooting for Philadelphia, you’re all right. (Pennsylvania team are all okay, too!) A basketball, football, baseball, soccer, or hockey cake can show off your favorite sport or for your favorite team.

Don’t forget to ask people to attend wearing your team’s colors, jersey, or hats. Cardboard cutouts of your favorite player may be available. And wouldn’t it be cool to take everyone to the game — or watch it on t.v. — as part of your party?  

Spongebob Squarepants cakes are available in the Philly area
Special cake for specing Icing Smiles little boy!

5. Animals

Many have favorite animals — wolves, cats, dogs, panda bears, red pandas, foxes, narwhals, etc. These critters make lovely and delicious cakes.

And you can take that care you have for those animals and even make that part of your party. For example, as part of the party, consider trekking to the Wolf Sanctuary and donate to bring the wolves back to Pennsylvania. Just about every animal has a place you can donate. And for more domestic animals, consider donating time and money to the SPCA.

6. Colors

Some people really love a color, so much their entire house is coated in the color and wardrobe features only that color. Different types of cakes are available in that hue — no matter if it’s aquamarine or amethyst.

guitar birthday cake

7. Outdooring

Nature lovers, this one is for you! Your favorite outdoor spot can be the focal point of a party. Whether you love Franklin Square or Valley Forge National Historic Park, there’s something for you and plenty of cakes to show off your love of nature. Leaves, trees, birds — these make wonderful cakes and confectionaries.

basketball cake

8. Activism

You love the environment. (Thank you!) Show it in your earth-friendly cake and party. Want to support LGBTQ? Rainbows make beautiful and delicious cakes. Need people to help with breast cancer awareness? Pink is definitely in.

Though you may think it’s too early to get your kiddos involved, consider showing them how important it is to share. After all, does your child need one more unused toy? Some great ideas include bringing gently-used books in for local book drives or cans of food for a local food drive. Whatever your favorite cause, ask for donations as your gifts.

You can even discuss how important your activism is, chatting with friends why it matters so much to you or how their gifts impact the lives of others. Now that’s a birthday party that people will remember and it gets to what really matters to you.

Activities can even involve your favorite cause. For example, if you’re worried about climate change, maybe your party includes picking up litter in your city. If you want to wipe out Alzheimer’s, perhaps include the walk as part of the party. They can even be walking for team you!

nintendo controller cake for birthdays

9. Hobbies

If you love archeology, revel in an Egyptian pyramid cake. Is Shakespeare your thing? Then all your world is a cake. Knitting? Ball of yarn or knitting needles. The options are as endless as your hobbies.

Maybe you can even convince friends to enjoy your hobby with you — solving a puzzle or dressing as pirates.

Let your birthday cake imagination run wild

There are so many options. These days, just about anything can be done to a cake. In fact, you should be working with a baker who cares about your special day, has suggestions, and can partner with you to make it happen. That partnership can be found in Bella’s Desserts, and it’s why they’re one of the most-awarded bakeries in the Philadelphia area.

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