Bella’s Desserts makes various bakery cakes for your special occasion. Most orders require a one week notice, just to ensure we make what you want. 

Special requests always welcome!

Cakes can be made 6″ in size.

Gluten free is available on request.

  Raspberry hazelnut dacquoise - Pastry Shop Cakes - Bella's Desserts of Philadelphia    Sweet and Salty - Pastry Shop Cakes - Bella's Desserts of Philadelphia 

Cakes for $75

Banana Chocolate Haze
Banana cake with layers of dark chocolate ganache and Nutella buttercream.
8″ – serves up to 24

S’mores Cake
Chocolate cake with ganache and graham cracker filling, frosted with torched meringue
8″ – serves up to 24

Strawberry Cream Cake
Our version of strawberry shortcake with 2 pounds of strawberries!
8″ – serves up to 24

Chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting, covered in sweetened coconut. TO DIE FOR! 8″ – serves up to 24

Malted Devil Dog Cake 
Chocolate cake with marshmallow filling and malted buttercream frosting, studded with malted milk balls
8″ – serves up to 24

*Gluten Free Espresso Hazelnut Dacquoise 
Crispy hazelnut meringue cake, covered with espresso buttercream.
9″ – serves 20

Killer Fudge Cake
The fudgiest of chocolate fudge cakes with a fudge frosting, hence the moniker!
8″ – serves up to 24

Carrot Cake 
Delicious carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Also comes in gluten free! (Contains walnuts , coconut and pineapple)
9″ – serves up to 32

Banana Nut Cake 
Banana nut cake with cream cheese frosting. 
Gluten free is available. 
9″ – serves up to 32

*Gluten Free Raspberry Hazelnut Dacquoise 
Layers of crispy hazelnut meringue with Frangelico whipped cream and raspberries
9″ – serves 20

Delicious options available. We even deliver in the Philadelphia area. Call and let’s talk.

Cakes for $100

Fancy cakes that serve more people is something we can deliver.

Sky High Chocolate Cake
Six layers of chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream, covered in milk chocolate glaze
Serves up to 32

Pistachio Layer Cake
4 layer pistachio butter cake with a pistachio buttercream
8″ – serves up to 24

*Gluten Free Flour-less Chocolate Cake 
9″ single layer – serves 15

Cherry Almond Cake
Vanilla almond cake with Bing cherry filling and sour cherry Swiss meringue buttercream, so delicious!
8″ – serves up to 24

Mounds of Joy 
Chocolate coconut cake with coconut cream filling with slivered almonds, coconut cream cheese frosting, topped with chocolate ganache
8″ – serves up to 24

Baked Sweet and Salty Cake 
Chocolate cake layered with salty caramel and a salty sweet milk chocolate caramel ganache, covered in salted caramel buttercream. Yum!
8″ – serves up to 24

Pumpkin Layer Cake 
3 layers of moist and spicy pumpkin cake with brown butter cream cheese filling and chocolate sour cream frosting
8″ – serves up to 24

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cake
Chocolate and peanut butter cake layered with chocolate icing and a PB cup type peanut butter filling all covered in chocolate icing, comes in at 6″ tall! Serves up to 32

Black and White Raspberry Cake
Chocolate cake layered with raspberry jam and dark chocolate buttercream, covered with white chocolate buttercream, white chocolate curls and fresh raspberries.
8″ – serves up to 24

Persian Love Cake
Vanilla cake scented with lemon zest and cardamom, filled and covered with rose scented Swiss meringue buttercream and pistachios
8″ – serves up to 24

*Gluten Free Walnut Dacquoise with Milk Chocolate Buttercream
Three crispy walnut meringue cake layers covered with milk chocolate buttercream. As good as it sounds!
9″ – serves up to 20

*We’re not a gluten free facility. While we take every precaution to ensure this doesn’t happen, our products may contain or come into contact with milk, wheat, nuts, soy, and other allergens.