The latest 2015 flavor, texture, and ingredient trends, dessert style!

Hot off the presses!  Now that 2015 has started, the articles are flying regarding the latest trends in food.  I have taken various predictions and have adjusted them into dessert terms.  Here are Bella’s Desserts dessert predictions for 2015:

1. Protein – The trend for more protein in the diet is huge.  Did you know that Bella’s gluten free cakes use Garbanzo/Fava bean flour?  As well as agave nectar in place of sugar, which has a lower glycemic index than sugar.  A very healthy cake!

2. Texture – Texture is becoming a great trend in my opinion.  I love a little crunch with my cake!  I have always loved nuts or sprinkles on my ice cream, and once I found interesting ideas to add to cakes, I gotta have my crunchy cake!

Bella’s offers 2 types of crunch to perk up your cakes:

   Feuillitine is a light French crunch.  It is flakes of thin, baked wafers, and can be folded into any buttercream, or filling.  Think corn flakes without
the corny taste, more like a fresh waffle cone flavor.

   Croquant – These are tiny chocolate covered wafer balls that I scatter over the filling of my cake.  Adds a bigger crunch.

3. Smoke – What?  Smokey desserts?  An old friend of mine taps maple trees in Vermont, makes the maple syrup, and then smokes it over an open fire.  What comes out is a sweet, smoky maple syrup.  If added to our Swiss meringue buttercream, you get the smoke without the maple flavor, and it’s all natural!  What would I pair it with?  How about our Killer Fudge cake, with a smoky, salted caramel frosting?  Not a chocolate fan?  How about  A smoky Sweet and Salty cake, or a smoky filling in our basic chocolate cake to make it more interesting!

All in all it looks like the consumers are ready to get their exotic palates going, and Bella’s is the perfect place for your dessert explorations!

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