Trending flavor profiles for 2016

Here is our post on the 2016 flavor profiles match our menus!

  1. Spice – This profile is trending still.  Add a little heat to your chocolate fillings, or frostings with a hint of cayenne, steeped habanero (I love that flavor), or for that smoky bite, steeped chipotle pepper, which all match well with a hint of cinnamon!
  2. Asian Fusion:  This is my personal favorite and welcomed trend!  Steeped lemongrass buttercream adds a subtle herbaceous, citrus flavor, and pairs perfectly with our vanilla or pound cake.  Star Anise adds that subtly hint of anise flavor, chai spiced frostings and fillings, galangal, the subtle asian ginger without the heat, or the punch, delicious!
  3. Complex comfort flavors:  We have started adding browned butter to our cream cheese frostings, and our buttercreams.  It adds a nutty, rich, complex note, that elevates those nostalgic flavors.  Chocolate with a hint of coffee, brings out the depth of chocolate, without a caffeine rush!  Banana split anyone?  I love banana cake with cream cheese frosting, elevated with a cherry chocolate filling, and you have a banana split!

So I think we can see that with more sophisticated tastes, comes more delicious and adventurous dessert choices, so take the leap!

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