Waiting for their turn up at bat? The Millennials!

The part of my business that I’m working on growing is the wedding side.  Guess who’s getting married now, and will be for the bulk of the next 4 years?  You guessed it, the Millennials.  I have already started seeing a trend, which I think is indicative of what is coming down the pike.  Millennials aren’t interested in the parent’s way of doing things, their are mighty independents who want to be different, and more laid back than us old folks (read non-traditional).

Some people might find this disrespectful, I find it exciting!  It means I need to up my game, I need to stay in the know of what’s trending for weddings and special events, it means I get to try new stuff (I’m glad I have a 14 year old that keeps me in the know!)!  I have three weddings this year that are all mini desserts!  I love it!  I’m hoping as these guys step up and I get to meet more, they will see the beauty in avant garde cake designs (like the ones I have been so passionate about.)

So with that, here is a great article from Bake Magazine, of what’s to come:


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