Want to save your wedding cake top? Here’s how!

Method for wrapping and defrosting your cake.
1. Place cake in refrigerator the night of the wedding and leave to cool overnight.

2. The next morning, make sure that you wrap your cake very tightly.
Wrap the cake so no air can touch the surface with three separate
layers of cling wrap. Follow this with a layer of foil, again very
tightly wrapped. If you have a cake box, place the wrapped cake inside.
If not, simply place the wrapped cake at the back or the side of your

3. Wait one blissful year, and pull out the cake from its’ deep
freeze. Unwrap the cake and remove and discard the wrap and the foil.
Rewrap the cake loosely with waxed paper and then cling wrap. Place
wrapped cake into the refrigerator overnight.

4. Leave the cake in the fridge until a couple of hours before you
want to eat, 2-4 hours. At which point remove the cake and place it on
your countertop and let it come to room temperature.

5. Cut the cake with a cake knife or a serrated knife.Share your memories from that special day, and enjoy!

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